Let’s SHINE ;0)

One week ago, Me and my boyfriend, went on this fantastic seminar/journey “SHINE”.


Shine: Be the light, lead your life

Everyone has an inner sun deep inside of them. It’s a powerful light that can shine bright and light up your life. In fact, it’s as natural for people to Shine as it is for the sun to rise each and every day. So why do we not Shine all of the time? Because as well as having an inner sun, we also form a shadow of sadness, self-doubt or fear that blocks our inner light and limits our success in life. Over the 3 days and 2 nights of the Shine Experience you will remove the blocks of fear, lift your head above the clouds and come to believe in your Self, follow your heart, make your stand, and find your flow.

The founder of Goal-mapping Brian Mayne and co-host Pia Nissen Tylak was the teachers on “SHINE” at Kronborg castle.

We were 90 people joined from all over Europe. I was surprised, that people came all the way for the seminar.

Today I understand why.

“When you make the effort to think your best thoughts about your self, and life and others; it releases the chemicals from your brain that give you your best feelings; which empower your actions; and you have your best day-live your best life. It all starts with thinking your best thought” GO MAP IT
quote: Brian Mayne



Brian Mayne and Pia Nissen Tylak


I’m still overwhelmed with all the input, wisewords and “brain-tools” we got on SHINE .

Really a eyeopener .

Face your Fear

The first night of the Shine Experience features the Face Your Fear Challenge, one of the most exciting parts of the programme!

By facing fear – and by pushing past it – we lift our head above the clouds and find our Shine.

And I faced my fear, by
Whauw … I don’t know what to expect. But I just did it! And didn’t feel any pain from the arrow.

Others tried the same, but some hurt, some crying for facing the arrow/fear. And others didn’t manage to do it at all.

Here we are BREAKING THE ARROW Photo from Catjas album

Photo from Catjas album. Catja and Fabiola is on it ;o)


And the seance Face your fears . Was in the camber together with Holger Danske .

  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image

The surroundings where fantastic . Kronborg castle was our seminar place for 3 days. Here is what I learned ;o)

Day 1 of the Shine Experience

Believe in your Self

We all naturally Shine from time to time. Sometimes only for a magical moment where everything just flows and falls easily into place, and we feel authentically confident, courageous, happy, free and loved.

On the first day of the Shine Experience you will discover your ‘true Self’ and learn how to turn on your Shine by creating a Life Map of your brilliance. Your Life Map will to help you bring your Shining qualities to the fore a little more each day, expanding your magical moments into magical days that light up your life.


Day 2 of the Shine Experience

Follow your Heart

Walk your Path of Purpose in life and it will bring out your Shine. You will be happier and healthier – and ultimately wealthier, in a true way. Your greatest passions are signposts that lead the way, so during the Shine Experience your will find the thing that makes your heart sing and uncover your purpose.

You will then capture a vision for your best life and start walking your Path of Purpose by creating a special Goal Map. When you return home after the Shine Experience, this and all the other Maps you create will help you to Shine more and more each day.

Celebrate your Self

Celebrating what is best about you and you finding your Shine gives you the heart and energy to change the things about yourself and your life that you are not yet happy with.

The Shine Superhero Party on the second evening is a chance to dress as your own personal superhero and fully celebrate the aspect of their (and your!) character that you love most.


Superwoman trio !!



Tinkerbell and Lara Croft Tomb Raider (Catja and I ;o)

  • image
  • image

  • Superman with a SIXPACK
    Superman with a SIXPACK
  • Superman and I
    Superman and I
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • Sol and Wynford
    Sol and Wynford
  • Brian Mayne as DJ
    Brian Mayne as DJ

Day 3 of the Shine Experience

Make your Stand

By understanding how to use your body posture and personal anchor, you can empower yourself to walk your Path of Purpose and create the life of your dreams.

On the third day of the Shine Experience, how to align your mind, emotions and body as one to focus your energy and turn on your personal power, and learn how to use Action Mapping to change any old habits or behaviours that are blocking your Shine and holding you back.

Find your Flow

By believing in your Self, following your heart, and making a stand for being your best, you will Find your Flow. Finding your Flow is like swimming with the currents of creation – it helps ‘move with repose’ towards your desired destination. Finding your Flow helps you know the best way to go!

Make your pledge to Shine

During the final stage of the Shine Experience, I will share my Self Mapping system, which you can take away with you.

Then, at the Candlelight Closing Ceremony, you will make a pledge to continue Shining bright and inspire others to find their own Shine.

I meet people that already had the SHINE. Im greatful for having the founder of GROW YOUR OWN GORGEOUSNESS on FB, sitting by my side, the whole weekend.

She was a inspiration to me, to start drawing Again. And with a lot of colours. I love colours. On her Facebook you will see her … whauw …. colourful and Deep drawings. I felt like a child Again. When she gave me and introduced me to Sharpies colours. Thank you Depham, for SHARPIES, SHINE and YOU. You are a shinny star!




SHINE with Brian Mayne and Pia Nissen Tylak


  • Sharpies Im in love with colours
    Sharpies Im in love with colours
  • Bethams absolutly WHAUW... drawing from her FB page GROW YOUR OWN GORGEOUSNESS
    Bethams absolutly WHAUW… drawing from her FB page GROW YOUR OWN GORGEOUSNESS






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